We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.

creation of new life

In the basics, we have explained that everything is connected through strings. Furthermore, we have explored the idea that a being, whether human, animal, or plant, is essentially comprised of countless strings interwoven with each other. This fundamental principle of stringism provides us with a means to define an individual’s soul—a concept that may not be addressed in other religions or belief systems.

This intricate web of strings, which forms the essence of a soul, must be brought into existence. We firmly believe that the initial knotof strings was a result of serendipity—a fortuitous collision or entanglement of strings. It could be likened to a grand convergence of strings, perhaps even a event like the big bang. However, it is not our place, nor our belief, to make definitive statements about its origins. Hence, we refer to stringism as a theorem rather than a theory or a religion.

On the other hand, the first knot of strings did occur somewhere, and from that primary knot, multiple other knots were spun. Some were deliberately unraveled, separating certain strings that had accumulated over time (representing memory), which in turn created new knots. Others were formed by joining two knots together, where pieces of strings were exchanged to construct a fresh knot. This process occurred on both the physical plane and the interconnected plane. Thus, new life comes into existence only when both nature functions harmoniously, generating the necessary cells, and when the strings on the higher plane intertwine to form the soul of that new life.