We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.


We hope to give meaning to a lot of people. At the moment this website runs on voluteers. If you like to help us out you can check out the postings below

Designer/image hero

Attention all creative wizards and image maestros! Are you tired of seeing hand-drawn stick figures and random internet finds plastered all overthis website? Well, so are we! At Stringism, we admit it – our image game needs some serious spicing up. But fear not, for we have a cunning plan!

We are on the hunt for a talented designer who can take our visual appeal to the next level. Yes, you heard it right, we want to ditch the amateurish doodles and embrace the marvels of custom-made images. You know, the kind that makes people go, “Wow, I can’t believe they actually made that!”

Now, here’s the deal. We’re not gonna sugarcoat it – we have no clue how to create those awe-inspiring visuals ourselves. We are unapologetically honest about it. But that’s where you come in, dear designer!

If you possess the magical ability to conjure up top-notch images that make others swoon with envy, we want you on our team. Picture this: your artistic genius will be celebrated, showcased, and worshipped by all (well, at least by our team and our growing community).

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just in this for profit. Nope, we’re looking for a designer who is willing to volunteer their masterpieces to the Stringism cause. Think of it as an opportunity to sprinkle your creative stardust on something meaningful and impactful. Your work will be seen, shared, and appreciated by people who genuinely believe in what we do.

So, if you’re a design virtuoso with a heart full of generosity and an eye for creating visual wonders, drop us a line via our contact form. Don’t worry, we promise we won’t make you draw stick figures or use subpar stock photos ever again. Together, let’s transform Stringism into a visual masterpiece that will leave the world in awe!

WordPress guru

Ah, WordPress, our trusty companion in this digital adventure! We’ve managed to create something decent with it, but deep down, we know it’s missing that extra dash of pizzazz. We can almost hear our website whispering, “Make me fancy, make me shine!”

If you’re a design wizard with a flair for transforming ordinary websites into jaw-dropping works of art, we need you! We’re searching for a talented volunteer designer who can sprinkle their magic dust and take our website from “meh” to “WOWZA!”

Now, let’s be clear, we won’t bore you with tales of our incredible knowledge of HTML, CSS, and all those fancy acronyms. We’ll leave that to the professionals. What we need is someone who can unlock the hidden potential of our website and make it shine brighter than a disco ball at Studio 54.

So, do you possess the mystical powers to make fonts dance, colors harmonize, and layouts dazzle? Are you ready to embark on a thrilling quest to turn our humble website into a visual masterpiece? If the answer is a resounding “Yes!” and you’re willing to volunteer a bit of your precious time, then look no further!

To uncover the secrets of this mystical opportunity, click the button below. Behold, the details shall be revealed, and the path to design greatness will be illuminated!

Join us in this noble quest, where your artistic genius shall be celebrated, and your name whispered in hushed tones among the digital elite. You’ll be the Gandalf of design, guiding us through the treacherous realms of aesthetics and leaving a trail of gasps and dropped jaws in your wake.

So, if you’re ready to wield your design powers for the greater good and add a touch of enchantment to our WordPress wonderland, click that button below. Together, let’s transform our website from drab to fab, one pixel at a time!

Do you know how to help us and do you like to volunteer a bit of your time, you ccan find our details via the button below

Social specialist

Psst…hey, you! Yes, you, the master of social media and wielder of the mighty pen! We have a secret to share: we’re drowning in a sea of Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and all those other mystical realms of the digital world. We need your expertise to navigate these treacherous waters and conquer the social media game!

Are you a social media whiz who knows how to slay hashtags, create killer content, and make followers flock to your digital kingdom? Can you handle the power of a well-crafted tweet, a perfectly timed post, or a cleverly edited video? If you can guide us through the twists and turns of the social media realm, we want you on our team!

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just looking for someone with a way with words and a knack for social media sorcery. We need a guiding light, a beacon of wisdom who can help us navigate the ever-changing landscape and lead our followers to greatness.

So, if you’re swift with your pen and a wizard with social media, don’t hesitate to take action today! Unleash your digital prowess, channel your inner influencer, and drop us a line. Together, we’ll conquer the social media kingdom and leave our competitors in awe.

Click that button below to seize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We can’t wait to meet the social media hero that lies within you!