We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.

Fortune telling


The topic of predicting the future often raises the question of its possibility. In Stringism, we explore this concept without claiming expertise in fortune-telling or making such predictions. Within our framework, it is theorized that predicting and influencing the future is feasible.

Firstly, it is conceivable to “read” or perceive the current state of the strings. By sensing their connections and interactions, one could potentially anticipate the outcome they will create. However, due to the immense size of the universe and the countless possible interactions, accurately predicting the future becomes exceedingly challenging.

Secondly, steering the future is also within the realm of possibility. By deliberately initiating interactions that guide the strings and nodes in a desired direction, one can be seen as shaping the future. This extends beyond influencing people alone, as nodes can represent various entities, and strings can involve even minuscule, invisible elements. It involves making minute adaptations that may go unnoticed.

However, both predicting and steering the future encounter limitations. The vastness of the universe means that the sheer number of interactions and their side effects makes it nearly impossible to foresee everything accurately.

Mentalism / contact with the death

In addition to the previous elements discussed, there exists a specific branch of fortune-telling that delves into the realm of contacting the deceased and exploring the possibilities of resurrection. As we perceive our being as a complex intertwining of strings representing our experiences, we dare to explore this concept further.

According to our beliefs, when we die, our strings are released into the open, signifying that our essence does not cease to exist. In this context, a fortune teller or mentalist may attempt to gather and reunite those strings of experiences to reconstruct the essence of the person who once was. However, the process of recreating a person as a whole becomes exceptionally challenging, particularly if the released strings have already entangled with other strings, forming new knots.

Within the framework of Stringism, the phenomenon of resurrection or individuals exhibiting memories from a previous life is indeed addressed. As we embrace the fundamental definition of a being as a knot of strings, we acknowledge that the majority of our strings are derived or inherited from our parents (as seen in DNA and the creation of life). However, during the process of string intertwining, it is possible and, in fact, a natural occurrence for other strings to become entangled within our being. This allows for the “gathering” of memories and experiences from a previous life.

In most cases, strings that once belonged to a specific being become dispersed among multiple new beings. However, in rare instances, a concentration of these strings may occur within a human, animal, or even a plant. If this concentration reaches a significant level, one could gather a substantial amount of their previous life’s experiences, leading to what could be described as a resurrection.