We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.

node interconnection via strings

Interconnected life

One of the big reasons why stringism is a way of explaining the universe is the connected life. Everybody has had that one moment where you felt that something was good, or bad, with a loved one. Twins for example can have this feeling not only in extreme cases but every moment of their lives.

We strongly believe that this happend due to the fact that, we as human beings, are a knot of connected strings. The strings that define us have however still an undefined start and endpoint that can be part of our being but can be part of something else. The reason that we feel connected with our loved ones is because of the fact that our node was created out of the node of 2 other beings. It is thus normally that we have a more intertwined string connection with them. If something happens with such a connected being. This strings that connected us with them are being, ruptured or at least being shaken. If that movement is abrupt or heavy, our node, our knot of strings, can feel it and be aware of it.

One of the reasons why animals can feel oncomming natural dissasters can be found back in this believe. As we as humans are disconnecting ourselves more and more from our surroundings (living in a house instead of in the open aire) we’re also disconnecting ourselves more and more from naturen itself. This isn’t bad or good, it’s just a theory why we as a human don’t have that connection anymore.