We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.


Is there an evil being?

Stringism doesn’t support that there must be an evil being. although we don’t deny that it is possible. It’s the same as with the almighty. We believe that the combination of strings can form such a central center of bad knowledge that the node it created can form an evil being with the ability to steer, guide and create other string and or/nodes of strings.

More than with the almighty being, we’de like to discuss the aspect of evil. As evil gets a name in a lot of religions (satan, the devil, …) it often (also) gets other forms that are more “earthly”. It is noteworthy that evil isn’t thus a vbeing but can me more than one being, thus more then one center of strings in a node. The node of those strings can than have such an influence that it affects not only itself ond it ‘s direct context but also the core and the nodes of others. This is partly done due to the shift in ethics that such en evil node can create. but within the theorem of stringism we also theorize that such an evil core can influence other cores directly . Not only by changing the ethics but by really chaning the beliefs and knowledge that a string of set of strings connects.

Probably the biggest example in history here is nazism with hitler as an earthly core of evil. Not only did he change the ethics in Germany (eg: medicine) but within the theorem of stringism, the core of Hitler had probably such an impact that his core altered the cores of others. by changing the knowledge and beliefs via influence or via a form of interconnection.