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Almost death experience

An intriguing topic for discussion revolves around the phenomenon of near-death experiences. As outlined in our page on the afterlife, we delve into the concept of the “node” that defines a person as a human being with a soul, and how it undergoes a process of disentanglement. It’s important to note that this disentanglement doesn’t occur in one swift motion. When you pass away, the most crucial nodes that hold your identity together unravel to seperate strings rapidly, resulting in the fragmentation of your being.

The disentanglement of these primary nodes transpires within the first moments after your demise. This disentanglement can activate various strings, potentially leading to a replay of your memories. However, as with any complex node and knot, the process of disentangling takes time. The duration can vary depending on the circumstances of your passing. In cases of more violent or sudden deaths, the disentanglement occurs more rapidly, often because you, as an individual, are somewhat prepared for it. When you are mentally prepared, the nodes are already partially loosened.

However, in the general scenario where death is unexpected and you’re not mentally prepared, the process can take a few moments, resulting in what we commonly refer to as a near-death experience. During this period, it is theoretically possible to “pull” you back and reconnect you to your physical human body. Conversely, this experience occurs for everyone who faces death, albeit at different speeds. It’s also worth exploring various research experiments that have been conducted in this field to gain deeper insights into this phenomenon.